My Approach

My approach to therapy stems from my belief that my client is an inherently good, lovable, and resilient human being, whose present functioning has been hampered in minor or major ways through past distress experiences. I believe that mental health issues arise when individuals are hurting in the heart, rather than the head. Early hurt and trauma often impact a person’s ability to live a vibrant, authentic life. As such, I support individuals and families in liberating themselves from what hinders their ability to live fully engaged with their true selves.

My role as a therapist is to collaborate with you to help you have the quality of life you desire. I am not an expert on you or your life, but together we can find ways to attain successful therapy outcomes. I believe each client possesses the skills he or she needs to be successful. My job is to work with you to unlock those skills and get in touch with your true, authentic self.

My counseling style is warm, calm, non-judgmental, conversational, collaborative, and creative. I tailor treatment to meet the needs of my clients. I believe in making therapy fun for clients. My sessions often include art projects, crafts, and music.

My theoretical orientation is grounded in family systems theory, person-centered therapy, solution-focused therapy, and collaborative language systems. I actively strive to uniquely support each client in ways that facilitate attainment of treatment goals. All of my work is firmly rooted in the belief that all people are inherently good, lovable, and resilient.


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