Therapy Sessions

I collaborate with individuals and families to address a variety of presenting issues, including: generalized anxiety, social anxiety, agoraphobia, panic disorders, specific phobias, depression, trauma, posttraumatic stress disorder, major life transitions, family of origin issues, relationship conflict, parenting strategies, self-esteem, and women’s issues.

I believe that my client is an inherently good, capable, and resilient human being, whose present functioning has been hampered in minor or major ways through past distress experiences. I believe that mental health issues arise when individuals are hurting in the heart, rather than the head. Early hurt and trauma often impact a person’s ability to live a vibrant, authentic life. Utilizing a person-centered and strengths-based approach, I support clients in what hinders their ability to live fully engaged with their true selves.

  • Initial Intake Assessment: $165 per 60-minute session
  • Individual or Family Therapy: $135 per 50-minute session




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